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Da Vinci Day Check-In 5: Wrapping It Up

The Point of This Project

This project all started from a little project I did, and amazed myself at what I could do. I was getting a lot of compliments before, and was told that people pay tons of money to do online presence stuff. And that's where this idea came about. For my Da Vinci Day project, I wanted to pursue something that can be continued forever, not only the few weeks we were doing the project. Hopefully I can really take this business somewhere in the future.


My Original Research Proposal


My Presentation:

Reflecting On My Presentation

Though there were some technical difficulties getting my presentation to work, and i still haven't presented as of this blog post, I did present at Da Vinci Day at Night. It was a lot of fun, and I actually liked the open layout because you can present your project differently to everyone that walks up. I also got a few sharks lurking, so hopefully someone bites.


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