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Da Vinci Day Check-In 4


What progress have I made?

Halfway Through First Major Project

Last weekend, I got my first major client, Robinson Landscape. I am done the desktop part of his website, and have intentions to finish the rest in the coming weeks.

Putting Together Da Vinci Day Presentation

I'm making my presentation and it's coming along well. In it I explain the process of kickstarting your own small business as I take you through what I did, showing the result of each step.


Where to next?

Presenting at Da Vinci Day

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important, but long, process. Like the name suggests, you are optimizing your site in ways that will make you more easily found by search engine bots. This also includes submitting my business to places like Google My Business, Bing Places, YellowPages, etc.

Stand at Da Vinci Day at Night

I ordered a huge 24 x 18 sign with my logo, website, Snapcode, QR code, and contact information that I will have setup at Da Vinci Day at Night. Along with that, I am working on putting together a few examples of my past work to display at the table as well. I figure it's free advertising to the people I'm marketing too, adults in our local community. Hopefully I'll get a bite!


I figure one way to spread the word is to ask for your help! Below is a coupon that is valid until Da Vinci Day at Night. Send anyone about the offer by sharing the link with anyone you know looking for stunning website design. They will receive 20% off the total price for their website design just by entering the code DVD3 online in the request a quote form.


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