Hosting Plans

The terms of these plans are monthly or yearly. Yearly is cheaper in the long run. Below is each plan, what it includes, and its price. We will help you select a plan based on your website type.

Prices last updated 10/18/16. Prices subject to change.

Feature Glossary

Bandwidth - More media requires more bandwidth. More bandwidth means faster downloads of media. This makes your site visitors happy.

Storage - More storage means more space to keep your media on your website.

Connect Your Domain - Connect a custom domain like,

Free Domain - Get a free domain name for 1 year, for your 1st year with premium plan.

No Hosting Ads - Hide ugly banner ads from your website.

$300 Ad Voucher - $75 Google AdWords, $100 Bing Ads, $125 Local Listing.

Site Booster App - Extra SEO (not necessary, SEO is included with most website design)

Form Builder App - Alternative to Cognito Forms (not necessary)

Online Store - Must be purchased if your website requires an online store